Why Attend?

Learn How RFID Technology Can Benefit Your Business

At RFID Journal Virtually LIVE!  you will learn how to use RFID and IoT technologies to improve the way you do business, hear how other companies in your industry are using them, gain insights into the latest best practices, and much more.

RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! took place on Sept. 30 - Oct. 1! If you were unable to join us, you can still register to view on demand recordings of conference sessions and to visit the virtual exhibit hall to download content from leading solution providers, through Oct. 30.

Invest Wisely, Cut Costs

Going with a solution from just any company is almost always a mistake. At RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! you will have the opportunity to meet, interact with and evaluate the most trusted solution providers in the industry. Plus, our editors are available to guide you toward the right solution for your needs.

Gain Strategic Insights

Align your use of RFID and IoT technologies with your company’s long-term goals. Whether your goal is cutting costs, fostering customer relationships or improving service attending our sessions will help you deploy these technologies the right way—without costly missteps.

All in One Place

There are many different types of RFID and IoT technologies and many different form factors for tag, sensors and readers. Being able to meet exhibitors from around the world online  enables you to evaluate all the major players, see a wide variety of solutions and compare prices during the two-day event.

Enhance Your Career

Understand adoption trends in your industry and how RFID brings incremental and transformational changes to your business helps make you a key contributor, enhances your value to your organization and helps to position your company as an innovator in the eyes of the investment community.

Get RFID Certified

Training features the latest equipment and relevant RFID deployment scenarios for a solid foundation to design, install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot an RFID deployment as preparation for the RFID Certification Exam.

Get RFID Answers

Audience surveys identify hot topics for speakers with real-world RFID and IoT experience to address during the event. Our Concierge Service helps attendees gain insights into the sessions to attend and the RFID vendors to visit.

Get Industry Insights

Industry-specific conference sessions provide an in-depth look into how RFID is being deployed in retail and apparel, aerospace and defense, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics and more.

Learn Best Practices

RFID Journal is able to attract top-name companies willing to share their RFID and IoT best practices. That means you can avoid wasting time and money on a trial-and-error approach and begin with a deployment strategy that will work.