Why Exhibit?

Connect With The Global Community of  End Users, Integrators and Distributors

Qualified RFID Buyers

Access the world’s largest group of end users who plan to deploy an RFID or IoT solution within the next 12 to 18 months.

Strong ROI

Participation is extremely affordable. No travel is required to host a virtual booth, so you can achieve a significant return on your investment.

Stay Competitive

If you are not here, your competitor will win business that you could have won. And if your competitors aren’t exhibiting, you’ll have an opportunity to win business they might have won.

Raise Brand Awareness

Our aggressive global marketing campaign means your company will enjoy extensive promotion that will create awareness of your company and products.

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Seek answers to popular questions we have received below.

Yes. Attendees will have their own dashboard with links to the exhibit hall, new products, sessions and other content. They can search for products and your company will come up if you have indicated that you offer those products. We have created a short video that shows how this works using another event that has already staged.

Attendees search for products and browse directories online. For example, someone might type "overhead reader" in the search tool, and if you offer that type of product, your company would come up in the results. That person would then simply click on a link to visit your booth. Another way is by browsing the new products directory. If you have added something, a prospective visitor might see it, click on it and come to your booth. You can also reach out to attendees and invite them to your booth. If you actively do this, you are likely to get some great leads.

You can add in-booth sessions, live or recorded, to attract attendees to your booth (here’s a video explaining how: https://exhibitortraining.rfidvirtual.com/view/content/CBY5c). For higher-level exhibitors, we will promote these sessions to attendees. You can use forms to capture information about those who attend your session.

We will have a demo video directory and a white paper directory. You can add content there. If a visitor finds that content and clicks on it, he or she will reach that page within your booth. So there are many ways to attract visitors to your booth and capture leads.

Just as at the physical event, any attendee—whether a speaker, exhibitor, Conference Pass holder, Exhibitor Pass holder or Training Pass holder—can visit your booth. If you use a form to offer content, you can capture visitors' information.

Yes. All exhibitors have a unique URL, which is “exhibitorname.rfidvirtual.com.” For example, RFID Journal’s is https://rfidjournal.rfidvirtual.com/. You can go to your booth's homepage and copy the URL from the browser field.

You can use GoToMeeting, Zoom or any other video-conferencing system.

Visitors can click on "Live Meeting" to enter a video chat room. Zoom can be set up to have a waiting room, so you will know someone wants to chat with you. You will need to configure your own meeting software to do this. Another way would be to have an open video meeting for people to join, and then you could email them a link to a new, private meeting room. You could also use the text chat to provide links to private meeting rooms.

There is a single text chat room. You can assign multiple people to respond to text chats. You can have salespeople provide links to private video conferences via the text chat. You can have as many video conferences going simultaneously as your license with Zoom or GoToMeeting allows.

You can use the attendee search function on your dashboard to search for and email attendees. There is a video explaining this. If people come to your booth, you will receive contact details provided that you have an enhanced or featured booth. If you have a standard booth, you will need to use a form to capture information when people set up a meeting or download a white paper.

On your dashboard, there is a tile that says “Attendee Meeting Request.” On Sept. 28, we will be launching a soft opening. You can start sending emails to attendees then.

You will hear an alert if someone types a message in the chat. If that individual enters your live meeting, it will depend on how your Zoom or GoToMeeting account is set up.

You can control what is downloadable and what is not. You can also use forms to require people to give you information before you send them a white paper or spec sheet.

We don’t provide such a list, but you will be able to search for attendees by industry, product interest and other categories. You can then email those people to request a meeting.