BAE Systems Improves Manufacturing and Inventory Capability With RFID

BAE Systems, an international defense, aerospace and security company, has deployed three RFID-enabled projects in its Electronic Warfare Integrated Manufacturing Center (EW-IMC): automated point-of-use (POU) material inventory replenishment, automated asset...

2020-09-30 Defense/Aerospace

IT Asset Management: Increasing Efficiency With AIT and ITAM

AIT (Automatic Identification Technology) is a more secure and efficient way of tracking, monitoring and managing information technology (IT) hardware and software assets throughout their entire life cycle, across the enterprise. Key takeaways: Learn how the...

2020-09-30 Session Presentations

NOAA Uses RFID to Track Fish at High Speed in Washington Dam

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)has launched a passive low-frequency (LF) RFID tracking system at the Lower Granite Dam's Ogee spillway. The system captures the unique identity of thousands of salmon and steelhead at a distance of 1...

2020-09-30 Defense/Aerospace