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Solution-Provider Session: IDENTIV - When IoT Meets Wellness: Intelligent RFID Makes Healthcare Simpler, Smarter, and Safer

RFID is making the world increasingly more digital, allowing us to connect billions of everyday items in the IoT. When we add flexible RFID to wellness, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, the benefits (quite literally) change lives. Authentication, anti-counterfeiting,...

2020-09-30 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Future-Proofing Health Care With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly growing in popularity throughout various industries, and its potential impact in the health-care sector is genuinely life-changing. Driving innovations in clinical operations, drug development, surgery and data management,...

2020-09-30 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Johnson & Johnson Improves Product Availability For Orthopedic Loaner Sets With RFID

RFID Journal Award 2020 Winner: Best Health-Care RFID Implementation. Getting the right products at the right place at the right time is critical to the orthopedic loaner set replenishment process at Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC). Orthopedic...

2020-09-30 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Preventing Patient Injuries With Wearable Sensors

A recent study by CDC found out that among older adults, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. As mobile and personal health devices gain in popularity, increasing amounts of data are collected via embedded sensors, such as...

2020-09-30 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Disabled Services Organization Improves Efficiency With NFC

U.K.-based disability services organization Leonard Cheshire is using a NFC-based solution to manage the servicing of 30,000 assets across 159 sites throughout the United Kingdom, ensuring that it meets safety standards, promptly addresses any problems and...

2020-10-01 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Transforming the Vaccine Supply Chain With IoT

CSafe Global provides thermal, temperature-controlled air cargo containers designed to deliver drugs and vaccines to global destinations within specific temperature ranges. The firm has thousands of active air cargo containers which are used to move vaccines...

2020-10-01 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

Hospital Uses RFID to Improve Visibility of Operating Room Uniforms and Control Inventory

RFID Journal Awards Finalist: Best Health-Care RFID Implementation. Jewish General Hospital, an acute-care teaching hospital with 637 beds in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is effectively using RFID technology to track and replenish its inventory of operating room...

2020-10-01 Health Care/Pharmaceuticals