Internet of Things


Solution-Provider Session: Omni-ID - Sense IoT Devices – The Future of Tracking, Monitoring, Sensing and Data Gathering

Omni-ID launched a range of intelligent and powerful IoT devices in early 2020. The Sense range has models focusing on Asset Management/Logistics and Conditioning Monitoring harnessing the power of BLE and LoRaWAN. Since the launch Omni-ID have launched ...

2020-09-30 Internet of Things

Solution-Provider Session: Semtech - LoRaWAN in Logistics

Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol simplify smart supply chain and logistics use cases to track highly valued assets in transit. Due to its long range and low power consumption and GPS-free geolocation abilities, LoRaWAN enables...

2020-09-30 Internet of Things

The Current State of the Internet of Things

In this session, get a brief summary of the status of the Internet of Things and learn how connected devices are making a real impact across a growing number of industries. Key takeaways: Hear some examples of the IoT in use today, as well as the technology's...

2020-09-30 Internet of Things

Transforming Manufacturing With IoT

Today, new products are churned out at a rapid pace and require uninterrupted, efficient communication between production facilities for smooth production. Manufacturers need to accurately monitor all of their assets throughout the supply chain to avoid...

2020-09-30 Internet of Things

Improving Traceability With IoT-Enabled Smart Trailers

This session will explore how companies are using Internet of Things (IoT) enablement of semi-trailers for autonomous traceability (with or without connection to a power unit), load management, and the monitoring of various aspects of trailer performance and...

2020-09-30 Internet of Things