Label Converter Workshop


Every breakthrough needs a beginning: how to start with RFID

We believe that products purchased in the future will have a digital identity that enables it to connect with the internet – and everything else. And intelligent labels will be a core foundation of this connectivity. Join this session to gain an introduction on how...

2020-10-01 Label Converter Workshop

Every part plays its part: selecting inlays and chips

Choosing the right inlay and microchip to power an RFID tag is among the most critical decisions that converters need to make for each customer. The right chip depends on the amount of memory, privacy features and other capabilities your customer might need. The...

2020-10-01 Label Converter Workshop

Unlocking new market opportunities for label converters

RFID is profoundly transforming multiple industries and is opening up a whole realm of emerging segment opportunities for Intelligent Labels such as: pharma, automotive and logistics. The presenter will provide insight into key case studies and explore trends for RFID...

2020-10-01 Label Converter Workshop

Intelligent Labels: enabling transparency, visibility and sustainability across the entire supply chain.

RFID drives efficiencies across the supply chain and makes it possible to see every product at every stage of its journey: from manufacturing, logistics, backroom to store.The presenter will explore how digital ID technologies solutions enable companies to verify an...

2020-10-01 Label Converter Workshop